Goats at Big Rocks

According to the Official City of Glen Rose Facebook page, “A herd of goats from Rent A Ruminant Texas has been at Big Rocks Park this week eating away at the dense brush and poison ivy on the back three acres of the park. This is a very efficient and eco-friendly approach to accomplish the task. This will make that area much more accessible now to locals and tourists.”

What an awesome idea! These little guys can get into areas where weedeaters can’t reach. They also won’t break out all over from the poison ivy/oak that tends to be all over the place. These guys can climb all over the place like the goat pictures climbing up on a fallen tree to eat some of that weedeater-string-eating thorny vines.

I’m told that they’re no longer there and the job is complete. I can’t wait to see what it looks like now that nature’s weedeaters are done with their job cleaning up Big Rocks!




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