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Hi Y’all!

First, my apologies. I haven’t been as attentive as I should be with this news site. I have had a lot going on the the last many months, and it’s really only me that is posting on here and trying to keep up.

I thought I’d share in one place some helpful links for those of you who are staying at home and trying to keep up. Here’s some of my favorite links:

Glen Rose Medical Center Facebook Page: To help keep up with any local cases with the information that they share.

Glen Rose Medical Center Homepage: They’ve been sharing some updates on their website.

Worldometers: They have stats going up keeping you updated about the spread of the virus

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Keep up with the info from the CDC

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – How to Protect Yourself

Texas Health and Human Services: Keep up with info directly from the great state of Texas

Have other useful links? Share them in the comments!

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