The Time Is Here!


Yes! The hills around Glen Rose will be alive with THE SOUND OF MUSIC in March 2020 as Brian Clowdus Experiences mounts of one of the world’s most beloved musicals at THE TEXAS AMPHITHEATER-the Home of THE PROMISE.

Based on the true story of the Von Trapp family during the Nazi occupation of Austria, THE SOUND OF MUSIC Is a timeless classic that is filled with more than a few of our favorite things: Love of God and love of family, romance, patriotism, good versus evil, music and mountains, not to mention warm woolen mittens and brown paper packages tied up with string!

While BCE is independently producing the musical, THE PROMISE is proud to host and promote THE SOUND OF MUSIC as an unprecedented opportunity to bring world class, family friendly entertainment to the Amphitheater year round. After all, this was the intention from the beginning- a home for THE PROMISE and a venue that would attract visitors to Glen Rose and bring prosperity to our surrounding communities! What a fantastic way for others to learn about us and then return to experience THE PROMISE for the very first time!

With only 9 performances scheduled from March 6 through March 14, tickets go on sale Friday, August 23!
Take advantage of Early Bird Tickets discounts and when the “silver white Winter melts into Spring” join us for THE SOUND OF MUSIC live at The Texas Amphitheater!

Tickets go on sale Friday, August 23!

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