Road Work Ahead

Over the last several weeks, we’ve had road work all over the place it seems. My usual path to town has always been from the square up by the Post Office and First Financial Bank. I can’t tell you how many times I started to go that direction and had to turn away while they were working on that. Now, Highway 67 is a mess. It’s been torn down, and they’re rebuilding it now.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about… Sometimes, life wears us out. We get worn down. When we’re worn down, and we’ve done patches on ourselves so many times, that one more thing plows over us and we’re going to fall apart. Or am I the only one this happens to? So, when we’re worn down like this physically, mentally, and spiritually, man, it takes a toll on not just us, but those around us. We can become bitter. We lack the joy we once had. When we’re in this state, we put up walls to keep the traffic down (people running over us or just talking to us sometimes because we just want to be left alone).

When things have reached a certain point, that honestly, we knew we shouldn’t let ourselves get to anyway, we need to do some road work. We need to allow some (re)construction on ourselves. How do we do that? How can we get the repairs done? Well, just like we’re experiencing with our roads right here in Glen Rose, it’s not easy. It’s inconvenient. It takes time. There’s no EASY fix. But, have you driven down the freshly paved 67? I absolutely LOVE freshly paved roads! The noise is down. My car or motorcycles don’t vibrate driving down them.

Here’s my suggestion for you – Ask God what construction needs to be done. It just takes a moment. You can do it right now. The anxiety you might be feeling over this thought can be canceled right now in the name above all names, Jesus, the Christ, the living Son of God. There’s no need for it. You can keep your eyes open. You can quietly pray to God in your mind. God knows our thoughts (Isaiah 66:18). Be honest that you desire to be everything He wants you to be. That you want him to begin to break down the worn down top layers – This will make you feel vulnerable. But, it must be done to add back on the new fresh layers. Let God build you back up again to the way you need to be. He formed you in your mothers womb and has a plan for your life – give it over to Him. He is trustworthy and is always good (Psalm 100:5).

Once you’ve been built back up, shine up that dented up, beat up armor of God and pull it back on for new battles. Don’t forget to pull on that armor each day anew. It’s okay that it’s been through so much and it’s not shiny and perfect. Do you think King David’s armor was perfect? I don’t. I think it was beat up, worn out, and heavy when he was worn out – but God used it to protect him from enemies. Study up on the Armor of God.

Praying for you today people of Somervell County!

James Oliver
Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church

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Photo credit: BJ Oliver with All Over Solutions

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