North Texas Giving Day

Something I wasn’t familiar with until recently is North Texas Giving Day. Today is the day this year. In case you read this later, it’s September 19, 2019.

From their site:

Today is North Texas Giving Day!

Get Up and Give between now and midnight to your favorite nonprofits across North Texas! Last year, together we raised a whopping $48 million for 2,700 local nonprofits! With your help, this year we plan to beat this record to change more lives, foster growth and change, and further enrich the North Texas community.

North Texas Giving Day is presented by Communities Foundation of Texas

At Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT), our charge is to put giving to work. To take generosity and amplify it. To take passion and focus it. To seed impact and harvest it year after year. We invest in each other. We nourish the best in our cities, our neighbors and our communities. Because we know where giving thrives, communities thrive, too. As one of the largest community foundations in the nation, CFT professionally manages more than 1,000 charitable funds for families, companies, foundations and nonprofits and has awarded more than
$1.8 billion in grants since its founding in 1953. Because we believe where giving thrives communities thrive, too.

You can go to the North Texas Giving Day website and find a non-profit that you like giving to.

Give Right Here at Home

Another option is to give to a worthy cause right here in Somervell County.

The Promise in Glen Rose is a non-profit that has been going since 1989 right here in Glen Rose. It’s been surviving on generous donations from a variety of sources and ticket sales since then. One must remember that every Friday an Saturday night, there are over 125 paid employees to do the production. There are full time paid ticket staff throughout the week. There are paid staff throughout the year to keep things going.

The Promise brings people to town in September and October to stay in hotels, buy from restaurants, and shop in local stores. They’ve been doing this for 31 years.

Bring involved since 1992 in some capacity, I have seen thousands of lives changed by the sharing of the gospel in a unique way (musical theater) over the years. The Promise isn’t just a local show to me. It’s a place where I met my wife of 21 years and have 3 children with her. It’s a place where I’ve met some of my best friends. It’s a place that’s become a home ministry for many people.

I hope you’ll stand with me in hoping that The Promise will go another 31+ years!

Watch this video of me, my youngest daughter, and a CAMEL, as I share my heart for the Promise. I’ve set a goal to raise $500 because that will cover my entire pay for the season. Please give your support to help a ministry near and dear to me! Any amount helps me reach that goal.

Jesus said, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:19-21)

I think helping The Promise reach thousands with the Good News of Jesus Christ is an awesome way to lay up treasures in heaven!

Today is the last day to Donate!

Thank you for your generosity!

God bless your giving no matter where you give!


James Oliver
Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
Admin, Somervell Times

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