Logan’s Disposal – Taking Out The Garbage

A while back, a rural trash company closed it’s doors. It left a huge hole in Somervell County, and other areas as well. This company had some into rural areas and picked up our trash while saving us a ton in fees from other larger companies. When this company closed down without notice, it wasn’t good for many of us. Trash started piling up. We needed some local heroes.

Enter Logan’s Disposal. They immediately got the trailer ready, hooked it up to a truck, and started picking up trash around our area for the same cost or lower than the previous closed company. I got a chance to correspond with them and this is what I learned:

James Oliver: Please introduce yourselves and your company.

Logan’s: James and Jennifer Logan we have lived in Glen Rose for the past 15 years, with 3 children in the Glen Rose ISD. We started this business when we realized our friends and family were left in a bind for rural trash service.

James: Why did you start Logan’s Disposal?

Logan’s: We say there was an immediate need for reliable rural trash service in our community and knew that we could fill that need.

James: What areas is your company covering?

Logan’s: All of Somervell and Hood Counties.

James: What sets you guys apart from other rural trash services in our area?

Logan’s: We are family owned and operated. We believe trash service shouldn’t be expensive. We believe customer service should be a priority and strive to keep our customers happy.

James: How can folks contact you?

Logan’s: Our number is: 254-396-6652 OR, you can e-mail us at logandisposal@yahoo.com

Give them a call or e-mail them for great trash service! Tell them you saw this on Somervell Times!

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