Local Company Provides Bus and Student Monitoring Solution for Glen Rose School District

Glen Rose, TXNational Fleet Tracking (NFT), a leading provider of GPS and RFID transportation solutions, announced that its customer, Glen Rose ISD, has installed and is now using the NFT BusView™ and StudentView™ platforms.

As a school district that prides itself on exceptional services and an acute focus on student safety, Glen Rose ISD wanted to partner with a company that operated in the same manner and would assist them in improved efficiency to parents and safety for student transportation. Glen Rose ISD launched the NFT BusView™ platform for this school year to monitor driver behavior and recognize areas for improvement, in order to improve safety. According to Tommy Corcoran, Assistant Superintendent at Glen Rose ISD, they use the software to monitor bus location, speed and driver behavior, “our focus is on safety, from keeping parents informed, to reducing child exposure to weather and traffic, to monitoring buses during transit, we want to ensure we’re doing everything possible to keep kids safe.”

Knowledge of student location is critical for Glen Rose ISD to ensure that all students board the proper bus and arrive at the proper location. They use NFT’s StudentViewTM feature to ensure 100% accountability for all students being transported on district buses. “We wanted a solution that lets us know where each student is in real-time and to make sure each student gets on the correct bus and off at the correct location as well,” added Mr. Corcoran.

Another add-on feature included is ParentView™, which enables parents to see their kid’s school bus en route and allows parents to change school buses for their kids or to parent pick-up, all online easily via a mobile phone or computer. Parents can also receive alerts on out-of-town bus trips when the bus gets within 20-miles of the school on its return. No more late nights, waiting in the school parking lot for kids to return.

“We’ve been in the fleet management business for almost 10-years and we have thousands of customer vehicles that we monitor and we wanted to take that experience to develop a bus management solution to reduce stress for parents, students and school administrators, while also improving student safety,” said Patrick Locke, GM, NFT.

BusView™, which is powered by hardware installed in the school buses and software developed by NFT, was launched at the beginning of this school year. All parents received a letter introducing the solution and how they can register for the solution to ensure they have access to ParentView™. For parents of kids riding Glen Rose ISD buses, visit www.nftbusview.com and click-on “Parent Login” to register.

NFT enables the Glen Rose ISD to take complete control of their school bus fleet. They are now able to reduce fuel costs, monitor driver behavior and bus location and to know which bus a student is riding in real-time. “We’re excited to help students experience a safer bus ride and for parents to enjoy the convenience and efficiency that BusView provides,” said Mr. Corcoran, Superintendent, Glen Rose ISD.

About Glen Rose ISD:

Glen Rose ISD is committed to the development of independent life-long learners who navigate through life using ingenuity, creativity and critical thinking skills seamlessly; the foundation of our society’s future. Because of astute financial management, parental involvement, community support, and professional leadership from GRISD staff, the district has developed quality programs to meet students’ educational and developmental needs. GRISD’s low student-teacher ratio (12.7 to 1) enables small group instruction and provides many opportunities for individual attention as well as the ability to incorporate project-based learning strategies to enhance the quality of student learning.

About National Fleet Tracking:

National Fleet Tracking provides solutions to companies and government entities who have mobile fleets and assets that want to track crucial data and implement changes to the way they do business in order to get the most out of their fleets.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call David English at 855-438-4771 or email denglish@nftgps.com

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