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I have some interest in prepping because I just like the idea of being prepared for a disaster – maybe it’s something like a hurricane or tornado. Maybe it’s an attack of some sort. But, I like the idea of being prepared. A few years ago, I realized that to survive something where power went out would be difficult for an out of shape computer geek like me. So, I’ve read some things about prepping and being ready to survive just in case. One of the key skills someone will need for survival is getting food. Be it killing animals, or planting gardens and keeping them bug free without modern insect control, etc… We need farming skills in order to survive. I may never need to.

Here’s the other side of the coin – my wife, she loves pretty flowers and growing things. A lot of ladies are awesome when it comes to planting inside and outside plants. A flower bed is a wife’s dream and a husbands nightmare. Even if you accidentally weedeat a flower, you’re going to get chewed on for it. But, flowers and gardening can be a relaxing hobby – and skill.

I recently learned there is a garden club here in Glen Rose. I’m sure there is all sorts of wonderful information for guys and girls to be absorbed from those that have years and years of practice and skills. I’m not part of the club, or the flower pots in front of the church I pastor here in Glen Rose wouldn’t have just dirt (because I didn’t water the plants well enough and they died). So, here’s the info about the Glen Rose Garden Club:

Another picture of just a beautifully created space outdoors, but not from Glen Rose.

The Glen Rose Garden Club has been in operation for over 20 years. Its goal is to stimulate interest in private and public gardens in Glen Rose and the surrounding area. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month from September through May at 10 a.m. A list of this year’s topics can be found on the group’s Facebook page found here. Sometimes referred to as “the social garden club” there are no entry requirements or minimum attendance requirements, and it might just be the best place in Somervell County for a newcomer to see just how friendly Glen Rose can be.

If you’re part of the club, or you want to be, leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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