Dinosaur Devotional

While I’m still waiting on some others to offer to write some of the weekly devotionals, you guys get to continue to hear from me each week just like the congregation at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship does on Sunday mornings and evenings!

Something that those close to me know is that I absolutely love Christian Apologetics (Defense of the Christian Faith based on the root “apologia”). As the culture and world grows older and further away from the Old Testament prophets and life and ministry of Jesus, the Christ, the more the enemy has used time to inject his deception into minds – which leads to books, websites, and other various things that have misinformation and outright lies about who God is, and who Jesus is.

One of the things that I thought I’d write a little about, and by no means in this short devotional can I write extensively on this topic, but perhaps I can give you some things to think about and further research, is dinosaurs. After all, Glen Rose is known for being the dinosaur capital of Texas. Dinosaurs are used in the young/old earth disputes, and more. It’s said that they weren’t mentioned in the Bible.

Let’s look at the book of Job, in chapter 40, the author writes,

“15 “Behold, Behemoth,
which I made as I made you;
he eats grass like an ox.
16 Behold, his strength in his loins,
and his power in the muscles of his belly.
17 He makes his tail stiff like a cedar;
the sinews of his thighs are knit together.
18 His bones are tubes of bronze,
his limbs like bars of iron.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but the Behemoth certainly sounds like a dinosaur. it sounds HUGE, and strong, and his tail sounds huge too. Not like an elephant or something. There’s other mentions throughout the Old Testament of the Bible of “dragons”. I don’t think it’s the mythical creature that we think of dragons now as flying around spraying fire on Viking Villages and being trained by a young man like “Hiccup”. But, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that there were large animals that could blow out fire. Ever heard of the Bombardier Beetle? It mixes chemicals in it’s body that react and explodes out of their back side to ward off predators. Awesome!

A great read for about dinosaurs comes from a site that I really enjoy reading a lot of their content called “Answers in Genesis”. Here’s a great article about Dinosaurs and the Bible. It has a lot of  information about dinosaurs, their origins, possibilities why they went extinct after the flood that covered the world. If you have any interest in learning some apologetics about the worldwide flood, check out this article by J. Wallace Warner: Is Noah’s Flood Simply A Retelling of Prior  Mythologies?

Dinosaurs left us tracks right here in Glen Rose. Let’s use them to learn more about His creation. Let’s use the tracks to point to Jesus. This could be a great topic of interest to introduce Jesus to folks.

God bless you all this week! If you enjoyed this, share it and leave a comment! I love reading your comments.

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