2nd and 3rd Games of the Season Take a Dub!

2nd and 3rd Games of the Season Take a Dub!


8th Grade “A” Team…

Team Players: Adison Worthen (#5), Cameryn Pena (#6), Jewell Morris (#7), Reese Waits (#8), Haylee Hunt (#18), Paisley Evens (#27), Avery Gray (#35), Ava Sehnert (#36), Aimee Flippen (#46), Brenna Bulat (#48), Reese Anderson (#50)

Brown Wood:


Brenna Bulat had two aces.
Avery Gray had three aces and two kills.
Paisley Evens had five aces!
Reese Waits had two kills and two aces.
Cameryn Pena had one kill, and
Reese Anderson and Jewell Morris both had one Ace.
Adison Worthen one kill, and Hailey had a kill and a TIP!
All of the teammates played very well and gave in much effort against Brown Wood!



Paisley Evens had SIX ACES and Addison Worthen had one.
Aimee Flippen had three kills and three aces, however
Reese Waits had one kill, two tips, and four aces!
Avery Gray had one ace while Jewell Morris had two.
Hailey Hunt had two kills and Ava Sehnert.

8th Grade “B” Team…

Team Players: Addison Young (#4), Presley Roberts (#16), Katelyn Lail (#26), Cally Schlabs (#28), Breanna Macias (#29), Addison Turner (#31), Ava Williams (#33), Kylie Parsons (#34), Shannon Wright (#37), Ali Moss (#39), Danica Paxton (#40)

Brown Wood:

Presley Roberts had SEVEN ACES and two kills.
Katelyn Lail had three aces along with Cally Sclabs.
Breanna Macias had two kills and Kylie Parsons had one.
Addison Turner and Danica Paxton had one ace.
Ava Williams had two aces and one kill.
Shannon Wright had two aces and one kill.
Ali Moss had four aces and one kill.
Addison Young was still out because of her broken thumb, but will be able to play as soon as possible! Of course when her thumb is completely healed!


Katelyn Lail had five aces.
Breanna Macias had two kills and Kylie Parsons had one.
Alicyn Moss had six aces!
Danica Paxton had one ace and Addison Turner had two.
Presley Roberts and Cally Schlabs had EIGHT ACES!
Ava Williams had amazing assists!

7th Grade “B” Team…

Team Players: Jadyn Griffin (#3), Emma Ketcherside (#6), Zara Overton (#7), Catherine Evertson (#8), Emma Mims (#9), Carly Jo Wright (#1), Kristen Sanchez (#16), Peyton Black (#19), Kyla Halcom (#21), Payton Alexander (#26), Josalyn Franell (#27), Taylor Harlin (#28)

Brown Wood:

Emma Mims and Payton Alexander both had one ace meanwhile
Kristen Sanchez and Kyla Halcom had three.
Josalyn Franell had six and Peyton had seven.


Payton Alexander had three aces.
Peyton Black and Kyla Halcom had four aces.
Josalyn Franell had two aces.
Emma Mims and Zara Ketcherside had on ace each
However Kristen Sanchez had TEN ACES!!
All of the team did amazing with assists and efforts.

7th Grade “A” Team…

Team Players: Alexis Rynders (#4), Aubrey Schuelke (#5), Rikki Gordan (#10), Zoe Key (#12), Bayli Chadwell (#13), Allie Day (#17), Jona Mobley (#18), Claire Cantwell (#51), Abigale Bunt (#24), Prestyn Winslow (#25), Joslin Young (#29), BrookLynn Peterson (#35)

Brown Wood:

BrookLynn Peterson had five kills, two of them were blocks.
Abigale Bunt and Zoe Key had one kill.
Bayli Chadwell had three aces and one kill.
Alexis Rynders had two kills and one ace.
Rikki Gordon had one ace and kill.
Aubrey Schuelke had TEN ACES!
Claire Cantwell and Joslin Young both had three aces.
Jona Mobley had two aces!


Alexis Rynders had TEN ACES!
Abigale Bunt had seven aces.
Aubrey Schuelke had four aces.
Bayli had one ace.
Rikki also had one ace but two kills!
BrookLynn Peterson had three kills and one was a block!
Joslin had two kills.
Every girl gave much effort.



Betty Black, who I call Granny, is an amazing woman.
She is the main reason I started to play volleyball. Peyton Black is her granddaughter and one of my best and closest friends. I would never have known Granny if I hadn’t known Peyton. Betty is known to be a proud Glen Rose Tiger supporter for many years. Thank You Betty Black for making me realize the fun of Volleyball and all of its opportunities.

Sincerely, BrookLynn Peterson, your other granddaughter

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